Laser cutting, Etching and Engraving

Our full production, continuous-duty 400 watt CNC Laser is the largest of its kind in the Pacific Northwest, with a three and four axis CNC Laser, an 80 x 120 inch bed, and with  8 inch (under the gantry) vertical travel.

We use a fixed camera to read registration dots created by printing or routing.

Whether you need a one-of-a-kind prototype or thousands of final parts, we provide precision cut quality and tight tolerances.



We can work from your own source such as a 3D model, your JPEG, TIF pixel-based and/or raster-based CAD files,  and/or modify a file for you in Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Z-Brush, Rhino, etc.


We can create a file for you – from your drawings, sketches, photographs, scanned images or description.



We can duplicate an object by scanning it using our 3D laser scanner. Once the scan file is created, we have the option to scale up or down and or fully manipulate the piece using our CAD software.

Material: Cut Thickness: Able to Etch? Able to Cut?
Hard Wood 1″ Yes Yes
Soft Wood 1.25″ Yes Yes
MDF 1″ Yes Yes
Plywood 1″ Yes Yes
Marine Grade Ply 1/4″ Yes Yes
Phenolic Resin 1/4″ Yes Yes
Acrylic – Cast 1″ Yes Yes
ABS 1″ Yes Yes
Foam 3″ Yes Yes
Rubber 3/8″ Yes Yes
Mylar 1/4″ Yes Yes
Nylon 1/2″ Yes Yes
Mild Steel 3/16″ Yes Yes
Stainless Steel 1/8″ Yes Yes
Titanium 1/16″ Yes Yes
Aluminum 1/16″ Yes Yes
Brass 3/64″ Yes Yes
Bronze (Etching only) Yes No
Glass (Etching only) Yes No
Granite (Etching only) Yes No
Marble (Etching only) Yes No
Limestone (Etching only) Yes No
Ceramic (Etching only) Yes No
Corian (Etching only) Yes No
Slate (Etching only) Yes No
Mirror (Etching only) Yes No
Carpet 1/4″ No Yes
Fabric 1/4″ Yes Yes
Leather 1/4″ Yes Yes
Polyester 1/4″ Yes Yes
Vinyl 1/4″ Yes Yes
Paper/Cardstock 1/4″ Yes Yes