About Our Fabrication

Seattle Art and Industrial is an excellent and reliable resource for custom metal and wood fabrication. We offer a comprehensive array of production services, including machining, welding and finishing, that take projects from the prototype stage all the way to the finished product.

Architects, designers, contractors, artists and many other professionals rely on us for all of their custom metal and wood fabrication needs. Using an array of high quality machine tools, we offer unparalleled skill, experience, talent and expertise that result in exceptional results each and every time.

Metal Fabrication Services

Consultation – During the consultation phase, we work with the client to determine the optimal materials and fabrication process that should be used to ensure the best possible results.

Design and Visualization

We are able to work from our client’s precise graphics or simply from their initial rough outlines, sketches and drawings.   If presented with rough schematics, we help our clients create graphics so that they know precisely what they will be getting by the time this stage is complete.


Depending on the nature of the item in question, we use our top quality machine tools to cut, weld and finish the final product to our client’s exact specifications.

The Seattle Art and Industrial Difference

There are plenty of reasons that designers, architects, contractors and other professionals turn to Seattle Art and Industrial again and again. In addition to offering impressive custom fabrication services, we have a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction. Seattle Art and Industrial utilizes highly skilled professionals with exceptional artisan and mechanical experience that shines through in the consistent high quality of their work.

High-End – Customized Metal Fabrication

Regardless of the specific type of metal that is required, we are equipped to tackle virtually any project. From highly detailed, handcrafted designs to custom mixed media fabrication, Seattle Art and Industrial is ready and available to assist you.