Custom Image Bronze Plaques

Custom image bronze plaques


We design and manufacture artistic bronze plaques.  If you have an idea, a picture or a sketch we can help you create your project.

A bronze plaque is an elegant way to memorialize a person or an event, and can also be used as a handsome address or signage marker  for your business, restaurant, or home.

At Seattle Art and Industrial we always include our clients in the development of their custom plaques by using a straightforward design and review process that allows you to approve the project twice prior to casting.

–  The first review is in digital format to assure you that the art and wording is correct

–  The second review is of the 3D physical model sample for you to review prior to the bronze casting.


If you live in the Seattle area, we welcome you to drop by and review your project in person.  If you live elsewhere, we can send you a high resolution photo of the design,  and then the 3D model to review.


Contact us at Seattle Art and Industrial to discuss the creation of your memorial plaque.