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CNC Router

About Our CNC Router

Seattle Art & Industrial provides  CNC Routing in several materials, including wood, plastic, non­ferrous metals (bronze, brass, aluminum), composites, rigid foam, solid surface and more. Whether it’s a one piece prototype or thousands of parts we can help you meet your customer’s demands. Our 3 and 4­axis CNC Router has 5 x 8 foot table with 16” in vertical travel and also a vacuum system to hold the material on the table during cutting. The fourth axis is a rotary lathe that is able to cut/carve works that are as large as 8 feet long and as wide as 30 inches in diameter. Our CNC Router is a full production, continuous duty machine that will achieve high cut quality and tight tolerances required by our clients.

Creating an object

We can work from your own CAD file, or we can create a file for you – from your drawings, sketches, photographs, scanned images or description.

Reproducing an existing object

We can duplicate an object using 3D laser scanning. The laser scanner creates a 3D file from that can be scaled up or down and/or fully manipulated using CAD software.

Carpentry & Wood Working

Precise ­fitting assemblies are time­ consuming for clients using conventional tools.  However, our CNC Router drills shelf pin holes, cut rabbets, dados, inlays, 3D relief carvings and profiles almost any shape precisely, quickly and efficiently.

Commercial Projects

Architectural carving, trim, arches, and other forms for remodeling work can be reproduced at our shop or we can create it from scratch for new construction. Our CNC Router’s precision machining gives us an attention to detail as well as the ability to produce high ­quality parts repetitively.  Both interior and exterior components can be created in a variety of materials.


Panel Processing
Part Prototyping
Custom Cabinets
3­D Carving
Cylinders straight & radials
Wood sculptures
Concrete stamps


Wood — Solid
Particle Board
PVC / Sentra
Poured Surfaces
non­-ferrous Metals
Rigid Foam
Relief Part Processing