Architectural site models

Architectural Site Models


Art and Industrial has over 15 years of experience in the production of architectural site models.

We can create architectural site models, high maps or terrain maps from a CAD file, image or by simply having the location you need.

We work with Architects, Engineers, Designers, and Property Developers to transform their 3D CAD files into precise physical structures. Our models are often used for site studies, “pre-sales” and contract presentations.

You choose the material for your product.  We can construct it in solid wood, bronze, chip board, plywood, MDF, high density foam or plastics.

Whether you call them relief maps, 3D topographical maps, landscape models, site maps, architectural site plans, or 3D topo maps, terrain maps, all we need is your CAD file or the map location to create the 3D model for you, and then two weeks to produce your model.

Please contact us and we can begin the process today!