Images- Etching on Metal- Seattle
Published:December 5, 2016
We are one of the few companies to be able to offer metal etching in the Seattle area. We etch on metal using our advanced CNC Laser machine. The CNC laser is a high precision machine that is capable of cutting and etching different types of metal with pinpoint accuracy. This is all achieved by using our CNC software. With this software we can import most images and text. Furthermore, after importing the media, we can modify or change different aspects of the image to better fit the clients needs.

For example this past summer a client came in wanting a new dashboard for his helicopter instrument panel. We took the old panel and scanned it with our software, and then used the scan to replicate the panel on a new sheet of metal. We etched the knob and dial labels onto the new panel as well as cut out the holes in one step. The new panel was a great replacement with only a small turnaround.

We also handle projects that clients bring in such as etching names or images on knives, tools, signs, etc.
In summary, we have the ability to etch any image onto different kinds of metal as well as any cutting.